Introducing set of Delphi components that will allow you to exchange data with Google, DAV server implementations and other cloud-based services.

Cloud Delphi Components

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Latest News

  • CalDAV Delphi Component 2.81 Released

    14 October 2016

    We announce the immediate availability of CDDC 2.81. Several bugs were fixed in this release, including the one affecting the "Time range" feature on some CalDAV server implementations.

  • OneDrive Delphi Component 2.0 Released

    28 September 2016

    The component was updated to support the latest version of OneDrive API 2.0. We also improved the authorization mechanism, which is simpler for the end users now and added a new sharing feature.

  • New Versions of All Google Delphi Components Released

    15 September 2016

    We have updated all the Google Delphi components to be compatible with the new improved authorization mechanism that simplifies the process of granting the component permission to access users' data.