Introducing set of Delphi components that will allow you to exchange data with Google, DAV server implementations and other cloud-based services.

Cloud Delphi Components

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DAV Delphi Components

Latest News

  • WebDAV Delphi Component 1.51 Released

    01 December 2016

    We would like to announce the immediate availability of WDDC 1.51. The new version of the component improves compatibility with all versions of the SynCrypto module from Synopse framework.

  • CalDAV Delphi Component 2.9 Released

    23 November 2016

    Integration with ownCloud and Yahoo is improved in the new version of the component. We also optimized couple of queries and added a new ability to delete events directly if their URL is known.

  • CardDAV Delphi Component 2.81 Released

    15 November 2016

    This version introduces two improvements. The LastModified date field will be updated after successful execution of the update query and vCard will now be loaded first with the GET query.